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what is Roll Forming Process ?

The Roll forming process is widely used to make the mass-product which has accuracy measurement of cross section. More often than not, production speed is the 30~55m/min though, can make the production speed to 15~185m/min. just need few people to load the material and unloading during process. Therefore, you can reduce much more worker and cost than other way of processes. It can be used to manufacture the small quantity of multi-variety product, due to the fact that it is easy to control the length of the product and at the same time, is not took a long time to set-up and change the mold, if it has simple shape. The cold roll forming process makes the intended section of shape by the coil gets through the rollers in a raw. And this roll forming process is used in automobile and construction area which manufacture the same shape of mass-product. Especially, other process has been changed to cold roll forming process due to reduce the cost of production recently.


R&D of Roll Forming

We design sectional shape and structure analysis of steel, design roller and fabrication from automobile industry to general industrial material.

       – Sectional shape structure, functions
        – Accuracy of sectional shape
        – Study complex shapes with multi-functional structure   


Ultra High tensile Roll forming

In the automobile field, reducing the car body weight is the issue for making more safe and better fuel efficiency of the. And Roll-ENG has been research and development the roll-forming process by using the Ultra high tensile material to make the reduced weight of automobile items such as bumper beam, side sill, seat rail and cross member etc.
To manufacturing the best quality of product and customer satisfaction, Roll-ENG use the computer simulation and roll-forming software to solve the problem of spring-back and cutting deform as well.


Develop Process

Roll Engineering has provided good quality products to customers based on knowledge of roll forming system
and know-how for design & trial from design to production by several times verification.

Design Verification Roller Design Fabrication Trial & Fine Tuning Re-Verification Analysis


Designing Flower drawing using Roll forming software and our professor’s experience.


Verification of flower drawing by simulation and confirm forming stage.


Drawing for 2D, 3D Roller die apply for line specification.


Fabrication of Roller die through several process with our know-how.


Part trial and fine tuning by skilled engineers. checking by various of check tools and Jig, systems


Re-verify & Analysis results and quality management .

Roll Forming Line Layout

Roll Engineering design/fabricate/roll forming die and also tooling & machine related roll forming.
And we can provied roll firming product as customer’s requirment.

1. Door frame, Guid glass, Division CHNL, W/STRIP

roll forming line layout -1

2. Ultra High Tensile Material : Bumper beam, Side sill, Seat Rail, Cross MBR..

roll forming line layout -2

3. Combined extrusion parts : Door Belt Moldg, Door Roof Moldg, Wind Shield Moldg

roll forming line layout -3

4. Combined extrusion parts : Door Belt Moldg, Door Roof Moldg, Wind Shield Moldg

roll forming line layout -4

Roll Forming Profile Section

Roll engineering have many experience for development from simply roll forming profile to complicated profile.
And we supply the best qualities as analysis and our own know how.


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